Facebook introduces Messenger Lite for users with slow internet connection


Facebook Inc on Monday rolled out a lite version of its famous Messenger app for emerging markets, in an effort to further strengthen its position in the overseas markets.

The app named ‘’Messenger Lite’’ is exclusively designed for areas with slower internet as it consumes less data. The company will initially launch the app in Venezuela, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Tunisia and Malaysia and will gradually add other countries in the upcoming months.

The social network giant has a massive user base in the Western markets, and is now looking to increase its reach in the developing countries by launching ‘’lite’’ versions of its Facebook and Messenger apps. The company’s Messenger head, David Marcus said Facebook wants to ensure that Messenger products are truly for everyone.

Messenger Lite offers all key functions except video calling and payment option. Users will be able to send texts messages, photos, links and stickers through the app. FB said the app is fast and easy to install with a size of less than 10MB.

The company is already offering a pared-down version of the internet in more than 36 countries, known as ‘Free Basics,’ intended for people without a reliable internet connection. Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg has frequently said the company’s mission is to get everyone across the globe connected to the Internet.