Nokia is back in the spotlight with its historic 3310 phone


Nokia is again in the headlines after it re-launched a new model of its classic 3310 phone on Sunday. The talk and text handset was the most famous phone in the market in the year 2000. The new version has a bigger display and carries a price tag of 49 euros or $52. The device provides a talk time of 22 hours and standby time of up to one month, making it potentially appealing phone for users who spend more time in texting and calling.

The Finnish company’s CEO Rajeev Suri said ‘’the love for the brand is immense. It gets a lot of affection from millions and millions of people.” Suri made these during a news conference at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Industry experts believe the revived Nokia 3310 could be one of the hit phones of this year, attracting both older Nokia customers in developed markets and younger users in emerging markets.

The original 3310 sold 126 million handsets, making it the 12th best-selling cell phone of all time. Overall, nine out of top 12 selling phones in the history were rolled out by Nokia, which was once the world’s dominant phone maker.

The company also introduced four moderately priced smartphones priced between 139 and 299 euros, and running Google’s Android operating system—the Nokia 6 phone with a 5.5-inch display, the Nokia 5 with a 5.2-inch display and the Nokia 3 with a 5.0-inch display. Nokia is also offering a limited edition of the Nokia 6 with some additional features carrying a price tag of about 299 euros.

Nokia lost its name as a phone brand in recent years after selling its ailing phone business to Microsoft Corp. (NASDAQ:MSFT) for $7 billion in 2014, though it is still in the minds of consumers in a number of emerging markets.

An analyst at research firm Strategy Analytics, Neil Mawston said that Nokia has a reputation for offering user-friendly feature handsets at competitive prices.