Over 1 million customers using Galaxy Note 7 phones with safe battery, Samsung


Samsung Electronics Co announced today that over 1 million people across the world now have Galaxy Note 7 phones with safe batteries, which are not prone to overheating.

The South Korean tech giant started a worldwide recall of its Note 7 smartphones on September 2 amid faulty batteries that resulted in several fire incidents and greatly hurt the reputation of the company, which is famous for its quality gadgets.

The world’s biggest smartphone maker said the Note 7 devices sold after August 31 had a different battery than the recalled phones. The company also said that the smartphones sold in China didn’t included defective batteries, but some customers there claimed their Note 7 caught fire.

Samsung earlier said the smartphones available in China used batteries from a different supplier. The company said that it is taking reports of Note 7 catching fire in China very seriously and is inspecting such phones.

After inspecting one of the burned Note 7 in China, the company concluded that the device caught fire due to external heat and the incident had nothing to do with its battery. Samsung’s statement was also backed up by an independent third-party testing.