Samsung Electronics suspends production of Galaxy Note 7 as overheating problem persists


Samsung Electronics has postponed the production of its Galaxy Note 7 phone amid reports that some replaced devices caught fire, according to South Korean media. The news has made things even worse for the world’s biggest smartphone maker, which is trying hard to get through this crisis.  

Last week, a passenger plane in the U.S was evacuated after a replaced Note 7 caught fire. Leading airlines once again put a ban on passengers carrying the devices following the incident. Top carriers in the United States are also no longer selling or exchanging the phones.

The company announced a worldwide recall of nearly 2.5 million Note 7 units last month amid defective batteries that resulted in some fire incidents. It replaced the defective batteries with safe ones from another supplier. Though, the overheating problem was again reported in some replaced phones, indicating that the South Korean tech giant has failed to fix the issue.

T-Mobile reported that it has stopped sale and exchange of new Note 7 phones in the wake of latest fire incidents. AT&T also announced that it would stop offering replaced Note 7 devices and would allow customers with a recalled Note 7 to swap that phone with another smartphone of their choice.