Volkswagen to recall 334,000 vehicles amid fuel leakage issues


Volkswagen AG recently reported that it is recalling nearly 334,000 vehicles in the U.S. and Canada due to fuel leakage issues, which can result in fire. However, the company’s spokesperson Jeannine Ginivan said no incident happened because of the problem.

Roughly 83 percent of the recalled vehicles, which include Volkswagen and Audi brand, are registered in the U.S. The German automaker didn’t disclosed if the recall will cover cars outside of North America.

The affected customers would get a primary notification from the company in November. Subsequently, they would be able to replace defective parts of their vehicle from VW and Audi dealerships free-of-cost following a secondary notification.

Volkswagen didn’t revealed the costs associated to the latest move.

The company is already facing a diesel scandal. Last year, VW admitted that it offered false information to federal regulators regarding diesel emissions. Volkswagen agreed to pay a fine of $15 billion for breaching emissions laws.