Writing Staff

Cynthia Sparks

Cynthia Sparks cover utilities, technology and biotechnology stocks for The Ripon Advance, and helps out occasionally with other industry sectors. She has been writing on personal finance and investment topics for more than 17 years. She holds a bachelor degree from University of Virginia and an MBA degree from Ohio State University.

Jodi Jackson

Javier Davis writes news articles on stocks, commodities, real estate, currencies and bonds. Her in-depth research covers most of the key financial markets in the U.S. and Europe. Jackson has earned a master degree in accounting from New York University.

Kristina Bennet

Kristina Bennet is a senior editor at The Ripon Advance. She spent nearly 10 years as an editor and reporter in the newspaper industry before joining our team.  She has done Masters in Economics from University of Texas–Austin.

Leticia Jefferson

Leticia Jefferson covers Technology and Automotive section for our website. She has been writing on technology sector since 2008. She tracks all the new consumer technology breakthroughs and show readers what’s latest and what’s trending in the tech world. Leticia has earned an MBA degree from the University of Notre Dame.

Lucy Bush

Lucy Bush writes sports articles for The Ripon Advance. She started writing online sports articles in 2011. She closely follows basketball, Soccer, golf and tennis. She loves to play basketball and tennis in her spare time.